Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Korean Folk Village

I am so behind on my updates! Whew. I am going to give catching up my best shot over the long weekend, since Daddy will be home more than usual(hopefully!).

I'm still working on catching up with the Waggoner family trip to Korea. My dad, mom & brother were able to visit us for 2 1/2 weeks. We had such a fun time...we didn't get everything crossed off of the list, but they are planning to come again! FUN! My family hasn't traveled much outside the US, so this was a big deal. My mom had never even left the country--crazy that her first trip out was to SOUTH KOREA! My little brother used to go to Mexico on mission trips annually, so he has been out more than everyone. I guess I'm not exactly a world traveler! I was deployed to Masirah Island, Oman when I was active duty & I have been to Mexico, but that's it!

Here are some of the pictures we took at the Folk Village. This was one of our favorite trips while they were here. It was COLD. Brrr. I really can't wait to see this place when the weather is nicer...so far, we've only gone in November & December. Cold.

Our first picture of the day...this little guy has a tusk type thing. Weird.
Dad & Mom posing while we could still feel our limbs

Almost to the Food Bazaar...
We walked all the way to the far end of the village to eat. When we got there, only a few of the places were open. We thought it was way too cold to eat outside, so we almost turned around. Luckily, I saw a door open and people sitting at a table. Woohoo. We asked the lady at the ticket booth if we could eat inside & she told us they would help. Because it was so slow, we got the royal treatment (I think it also helped that we had 2 cute little blue-eyed girls with us!). The food was awesome & it was fun to have a traditional meal on the floor (LOVE the radiant heat in the floors here!).

The remains...soups were all good. With the exception of one my brother ordered. Ew. There were intestines & other foul smelling things floating around in it. Anyhow, we brought most of the pancakes home for a snack later on.
My dad was so interested in all the weavings and rooftops here
One of the shows...the Farmer's Music & Dance
This Acrobatic show is really cool...my brother got quite a few action photos!

After a long, cold day a the Folk Village, Abby went to put her pjs on & this is how she came out of her room! Always the princess!
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Anna said...

We've only been in the winter, too. Brrrr........ I bet it's awesome when it's a little warmer.

Anonymous said...

As cold as that day was it was still warmer than Illinois! :)
Aunt Sharman wants to go there when she comes to visit with me. Think that will happen?? It was a fun day. Thanks for the update!!