Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Happy New Year!

We have been partying for days now.

HAHAHA. might depend on what you consider partying. It all started on New Year's Eve. I went to a mini Girls' Night Out at the movies. It was great. I cried. And cried. Marley & Me was good, but a tad depressing. I had read the book, but my memory isn't so good. Hit a little too close to home with the whole yellow lab thing. How I miss our big yellow lab sweetie, Buck. Real upbeat way to kick off 2009. After I got home, I even cried when I was telling Brad about it. After I got myself under control, we watched Prince Caspian and worked hard at staying up until midnight!

Yesterday, we had a pajama day. After an action packed day of Wii & putting Christmas decorations away, Brad & I got a puzzle out. 1,000 pieces. Fun times. I guess the valance I have to sew and 200 scrapbooks I have to work on can wait. Brad came to bed at 2a.m. See, we are PARTY ANIMALS.

Big news: Bekah is SO BIG...see for yourself! :)

***Please try to ignore her mother's irritating voice!

Bloggy love,


Anna said...

I am totally not seeing that movie; I miss our dogs enough already!

Amanda Evans said...

You are lucky you didn't have to be up WITH KIDS to ring in the new year. Did you hear that Hallasan was evacuated at 1130, and the "all clear" came from the fire department at exactly midnight? Ha ha!!!

Anonymous said...

Bekah is changing too fast. Make her stop! I can't believe how she is sitting up and doing "so big" - we have only been gone less than 2 weeks! Thanks for the video - Mom