Thursday, January 29, 2009


Last weekend, it snowed & was beautiful & Abby was so excited. She had been asking when we were going to get more snow, so you can imagine how happy she was Saturday morning to wake and see the ground covered. This is the first year she has enjoyed the snow, so Daddy took full advantage of it! They went out both days & Abby came running into the house each time for hot (lukewarm) chocolate with EXTRA marshmallows. No pictures Saturday, but thankfully, she cooperated for a few on Sunday. Too cute!

Before she headed outside...Go Bears!

See the rosy cheeks...not the rosy disposition! :)

Sisterly love

Bekah's first snow angel...yes, she is screaming!

I have no idea...

This is what they did for hours each day

See the fancy sled we have? Actually, it cracked, so Daddy will have to come up with something new!

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

Is this the same girl who wouldn't touch snow last year?? Think she'll like sand now, too? :) Love the rosy cheeks just wish she would smile for me. Maybe next time. Mary Jo wants a video of Bekah making her snowbaby. Noise and all! We aren't enjoying our 8" of snow that much. . .

The Simmons Crew said...

Nice sled...our you can be like us and use the hard plastic baby pool. Drew and Shelby could go down together with plenty of room to spread out!