Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Abby's 1st Movie Theater Experience

During the holiday season here, while the kids were out of school, our movie theater had a special matinee movie for them each day. They didn't charge for the kiddos & there was a free popcorn involved...BONUS. I mean, why else would we enjoy the movies, if we didn't have snacks? HA. Anyhow, the movie playing was Madagascar 2. You may think it's weird that our almost 4 year old has never been to the movies. Well, she doesn't like loud things. Thunder. Fireworks. Loud movies at home. It boils down to the fact that I really didn't want to pay money, just to leave the movie theater -- sitting in a really dark room with a really loud movie, didn't seem like her kind of thing. The movie started out okay, and she liked standing up & putting her hand on her heart to do the National Anthem (that's something they do before every movie on military bases). When the plane started to crash at the beginning of the movie, Abby was ready to go. 5 minutes in. Well, I put her on my lap & tried to explain that it was okay, but she didn't seem convinced. We did stay though...and the interesting thing is that I don't think the noise was the biggest problem. It was the plane crashing. We have had many discussions about it, so hope this doesn't present a problem on our next airplane ride. Fun to think about! She wants to see Madagascar now, because I told her there was no plane crash. That's true, right? I really don't remember.

You can just see the excitement...

Kristie & Anastassia told Abby NOT to smile...Hmmm, it worked
I'll let Daddy take her next time...it's a good Daddy-Daughter Date for them. :)

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Anna Jane said...

No actual plane crashes, but there is wreckage of a plane, as I recall, with a few "skeletal" parachute remains. Not too creepy, but for a questioning kid, possibly too much!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you have an almost 4 year old! How did that happen? I like her hair pulled back with the head band. I agree with Anna about the movie. It was a little creepy at times. Looks like she had a fun time with Mommy. Can I go next time? :)