Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ballerina Bowling Party...Or Not!

Abby is really 4!

How did it all go by so quickly?
She is such a big girl now...

Well, the original plan was to have a bowling birthday party.
We've done a lot of bowling since our arrival in Korea & Abby saw one of the parties at the bowling alley right after we got here. So, she asked if she could have her party there.

Sure. Why not. Wait. One. Minute.
How about a Ballerina Bowling Party where the 4 (or maybe 5) little girls could bowl in tutus. Fun. And cute.

Fast forward to March 2009...Abby comes to me & says she no longer wants a bowling alley party. She now wants a swimming pool party. WHAT?!

She wants me to put on a bathing suit for a party? What about the tutus? Oh, and she wants to invite BOYS! :) So we tried to talk her into the bowling alley party. She had responses to everything.

Us: The tutus won't work; it'll be too wet...
A: Oh, we'll just put them in bags & the kids can take them home

Us: The boys can't wear tutus...
A: Just make them something else

Us: It'll just be easier to do it at the bowling alley--it's what we've planned all along...
A: But Mommy, it's my birthday. Would it be okay to do what I want?

What would you say to this face?

Getting the hair just right...

Tutus & more tutus...

The prince capes for the boys...

Abby had a special request
to have a small #4 cake made...
just like the one Auntie Sar made for my first birthday!
Thank you, Auntie Sar!
And now I live in Korea, so I have to decorate it. The nerve.

By myself.

Oh, this is after I find it on eBay because it's a retired cake pan!
No worries. Even this mommy can handle such a simple cake...

At the party, this is what Beks spent the first 20 minutes doing...
running toward the deep water.
She almost made it once. That was some good parenting.

Sisterly love

The spread...Abby wanted doggy party supplies.
Which is good because the BX doesn't have much to choose from!

Baby Grace & Mrs. Charlotte...see her swimsuit?
It matched the girls'. So cute!

Daddy was some sort of swimming monster that the kids rode!

Beks was NOT happy here.
Mommy had been in charge earlier
& she let Bek's floaty fall forward.
Nothing like a little baby drowning to start the party off. Bad Mommy.

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO hungry. That is Abby's mantra.

Madison giving it the thumbs up! She cracks me up. What a cutie! :)

Athena lovin' on the baby

Possibly the funniest story of the day!
(After Mommy was done being mortified that is!)
Abby opened up one of her gifts and exclaimed,

"See Mommy, this is why I wanted to invite _____"

Well, I didn't hear her, so I said, "What did you say, sweetie?" HAHAHA.
Good time to excuse myself to the restroom.

I did not know that My Little Ponies would cause such drama.
Now I know...

Bekah warming up to Gibby!

Old School present...Snoopy snow cone machine.
Mommy had one when she was little.
This is where Daddy would say that it's really old then! :)

Athena Ballerina

Ella...Abby's real life dance partner in crime!

Bennett is modeling the Asian's reversible.
If you desire to make your own, find the lovely (and easy!) tutorial here.
I wanted to make them personalized with their intials,
but Brad was starting to worry about my sanity!

The cutest little line of princes & princesses in all of Korea...

Of course we must dance...

Here's to the end of the longest blog post EVER...

Bloggy love & Happy 4th Birthday to our super cute & super special girl,


Ryan, Dawn, Calvin & Alayna said...

Happy Birthday Abby! And Brooke you are such an over-achiever! Homemade cake and party favors! You rock!

Your Momma said...

What a great party! Wish I could have been there. Will there be a birthday party on the 14th for you? Maybe Abby will make you a special cake with the number on it. I think it will take a bigger cake than Abby had to do that! :)

Amanda said...

Brooke you always have the funnest party ideas(you and your little helper) I am not that creative. It looked really fun! And the number 4 was super cute! And don't worry Avery tries to drown at least once every time we go swimming!

Scott, Sarah, William, Daniel, and Colin said...

I just want to know if the time Beks almost made it to the deep end was when her parents were standing behind her with the camera snapping pics of her sprinting toward the pool!!! Happy BD to Abby & congrats Mommy on a well-done party.

Anonymous said...

YOU are an angel. I love you Brookie! The cake looked so awesome! See! It wasn't hard! ~BFF