Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Imposter Bunny

Well, we had to break down & order another Bunny Bunny.
Beks is in LOVE with this thing and it was/is gross.

So, came through and provided Bunny #2.

Bekah is not fooled.

I have even put them both in her bed to test this theory. Every time I take her out, she is clutching "baby." I'm a sucker for the Velveteen Rabbit, so you know I am okay with it!

As you can see, the REAL Bunny Bunny
made the trip to China with us.

Wait until you see the pictures of how disgustingly dirty he was after that adventure! :)

Bloggy love,


Grandma Lene said...

Oh well, at least Bunny Bunny has a new friend. As time goes on Bekah will start to accept the new one as a friend, too. In case of emergency you'll be covered.

Ryan, Dawn, Calvin & Alayna said...

Ha! Alayna has bunny bunny too and also calls it "baby". She says it is bunny bunny when you can see the little bunny, and it is baby when you only see the silky side underneath. Too cute!

Scott, Sarah, William, Daniel, and Colin said...

Daniel had two "night-nights" that were purchased at the same time & we alternated them. Then we lost one! One of our friends gave us another about a year too late & it's all shiny & new. THAT one has become "night-night" & the older one that is completely disgusting, even after washing, is "school night-night". It stays in the van & goes to school with him. The other one never leaves the house. Makes me feel a little better about the germ-control. Maybe Bekah will adapt, too!

Anonymous said...

Now here's your mistake you don't put them side by put the old one in the washing machine while she's watching then a few minutes later take the new one out of the dryer. Presto! Look at how clean and new "OLD" bunny looks. Isn't it AMAZING! Both my kids fell for it...~BFF

Amanda said...

I completely understand when it comes to favorite blankies. Avery has had the tag blanket you made her since she was born and we just lost it a week ago at the church and no one has found it or returned it. So I had to make a new "mimi" that would suffice. I was able to find the same pink material but not the green. It is working but she calls this one her "new mimi." I was really sad when we lost the one from you I think I may have been alittle attached myself!