Thursday, May 28, 2009

China: Day 2 , Part 2...

After lunch, we headed over to the silk factory to see how they make their silk products. Needless to say, Abby was not impressed with the worms.

At least she only screamed once!

Look at us...making a quilt

Temple of Heaven

I am going to make a scrapbook for Abby...
with Boz & all the places he has been!

Here's Daddy going in to make a deal.
We got the girls handmade elephant cute!

Tea anyone?

Paula & I sat down for a tea ceremony while Daddy & Fernando entertained the girls!

There were some really neat ones. I loved all the flower teas we tried.
Actually, all the tea was yummy!
We just didn't have the chance to find some reasonably priced tea...
next time?!

One of Bekah's new boyfriends...she is such a flirt! :)

We enjoyed a nice dinner before the opera. Brad volunteered to go back to the hotel with the girls. Smart man. The opera was not for me...oh, to have that hour of my life back!

Abby thought the small glass of beer was apple juice.
Hmmm...not a good thing.
Let's just say that she doesn't see why people could ever drink that stuff. Nice.
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Sharm said...

Your mom and I love the china trip. Can we go too? We promise to be good! We'll e-mail from Savannah. Love, Mom and Sharm