Wednesday, August 12, 2009

hmmm...what should we do with the stale bread?

We had a fun time feeding the ducks at the park in Shelbyville!
As you'll see from some video footage, Beks really enjoyed her first experience! :)

Here is Abby sweet talking them into range...
We brought a large duck feeding assembly. I'm pretty sure Otis Dean wasn't very popular with the ducks! Grandma & UB are trying to make sure the girls don't throw themselves into the water. Pawpaw is off doing whatever it is he does!
Abby & her bejeweled self feeding the ducks. They must like bling.
Bubble time

Beks thoroughly enjoying the experience.
She is shouting, "ducks" & "quack" can barely tell because she is so excited!

On this trip, Abby surprised me so many times with how brave she was!
She tends to be reserved, so I was excited to see her get in there!!

You wanna pet the ducks? Go girl.

Bloggy love,