Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the post great aunt shirley has been waiting for...

This, my friends,
is a rhubarb pie.

Rhubarb pie is delightful.
I have never made one, but I have eaten my share.
And yours. And YOUR Great Aunt Shirley's.

This pie,
it was good.

Here, I am sorry you couldn't be here to eat some with me.
I will do my best to enjoy it for you.

When we eat some together someday, let's do it with a little vanilla ice cream
Yes, even with that cup of sugar Grandma had to put in it! :)
Abby is taking her first turn at washers.
I miss playing washers in the summer...
I guess we could've brought ours to Korea.
But the neighbors probably wouldn't take too kindly to us doing it in the hallway.
Really, next time, it would be wonderful to eat a rhubarb pie with you, Aunt Shirley!
I'll share!
The good news: most people pass it up...more for us!

Bloggy love,


Amanda Evans said...

Your hair looks good! Did you cut it? Super cute!

Anonymous said...

Look at the pie not the hair!! But they both look good - don't they! :)