Monday, August 24, 2009

many thanks mr. admin

The best gift I have been given in a long time...
my dear friend came to see ME.

This may not seem like such a big deal,
her husband took off work, and hung out with their kids,
so she could drive 4 hours to be with me.
And my kids.

That, was a big deal.

Grandma Lene & Auntie Sar...riding the crazy animals at the park!
Abby going up to the big slide...
I turned around for 2 seconds...our little LT (new nickname Daddy came up with!) was up & climbing!
Beks communicating something to the ducks...hmmm.
Isn't she just precious shoved between the 2 car seats?
Now that is love...

Thank you Auntie Sar for the gift.
It meant the world & we just wanted you to know!

Bloggy love,


Scott, Sarah, William, Daniel, and Colin said...

Don't you just love good friends? I'm so glad you got to visit with yours!

Anonymous said...

love u and i'd do it again and again! ~BFF

Amanda Evans said...

I have to do this out of sarcasm...but is that beks sittign forward facing in her carseat? WHAT?!!!! :-)

Brad, Brooke, Abigayle, Rebekah and Indy said...

HAHAHA. I wondered how long it would take for someone to notice...I'm sure Sarah P did too? Right?! :) Anyhow, my folks only have one & I didn't realize it couldn't be reversed. Beks got to be a big girl for a few weeks. Now, she's watching the back of the minivan again!