Thursday, December 2, 2010

snack time...

They handled snack time by themselves today.
Um, no.  Those aren't their pjs.

Pickled okra juice...anyone?  What?  No takers?

And they say Folger's is good to the last drop.
Apparently, my girls are more connoisseurs of the green stuff.  

Pickles were on the menu too!

Mmmmmm...this face says it all.
But, it didn't stop her!

And the littlest...she couldn't be left out!

New skill of the day:
Abby can now give piggyback rides.

Homeschooling at its best.
Stick around, there's more...oh, so much more!


Anonymous said...

The clothing certainly looks like pj's! In fact, I'm sure I bought one of the "outfits" in the pj department! :) Looks like a fun day to me - wish I'd been there!
Grandma Lene