Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This December...

I'm hoping and praying that we make it something special.  Something more.

We have lots going on around here...

{can you see the sparkles?!}

This busy little girl...
love her so very much.
As Abby & I worked on math, 
she worked on some beehive formation!

The first person to put clothes on every day.
Addicted to chapstick.
And velvet art.
Can quietly & happily play longer by herself than any 2-year-old this momma knows.

Precious girlies working together.
We see it more & more...

Playing together.  Loving each other.
{okay, and we sure still have our moments!!}

Hours & hours have already been spent decorating
and assembling...
{many thanks, Auntie Sharm!}

Precious, precious friendship...
gives you hope that this military thing won't totally mess up our kiddos!

And can anyone tell me why the dog is on the couch???

Candyland anyone??
Skype game playing...VA & AL.
Thank you God,
 for this technology that allowed these girlies to hang out for 3 {YES, 3!!} hours!!

AL side of the game...

We are opening our Christmas books and movies daily...much to the delight of everyone!

Day 2 for our giving project tomorrow--girlies are involved in what we're giving and sharing with others.
Pray that they will learn to see the abundant blessings in their lives.  Daily.