Monday, April 20, 2009

The Big 4

**UPDATED: Now with video!**

Daddy took the day off to surprise Abby with a trip to Everland for her birthday! The weather was beautiful & we had a great time...the girls were a little tired from the big trip to the zoo the day before, but were real troopers.

Abby wanted us to pose here!

She was in a picture taking mood! You have to take them when she's willing!

Little sister watching the fun...

Yum-a, yum-a...Beks loves her oranges!

How old are you today?

To most, this picture is no big deal. To me, this picture is progress! She is on the playground equipment all by herself! Woohoo. Abby ran like the wind to get to the slide (to avoid all the bigger kids there!), but she did it!

I'm a big girl now!

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

What a lucky four year old! Got to go to Everland - wish I could have gone, too! Abby looked like she was loving every minute of it! Poor little Bekah just watching all the fun. I love the little top she had on. Abby's outfit turned out super cute, too! Love you guys! Grandma Lene

Scott, Sarah, William, Daniel, and Colin said...

Happy Birthday to Abby! William wants to know when you can visit him again???? Darn Air Force :-(