Sunday, April 19, 2009

Did Someone Say Chocolate?

Before Easter, we had a fun little chocolate party. Anastassia had a kit & we gathered the princesses around the table for some decorating...

Silly faces....
Fish face
Athena's funny face!
Expert decorators...Anastassia & Athena
Alyssa's funny face + tiara=super cute!
Kristie & Alyssa
Abby was very intense...she wanted to do it all by herself. Surprise, surprise!
Beks even had a friend stop by after her rest...Beks & Baby Grace

I think she did a mighty fine job...took her about 30 seconds to scarf it down! :)
All the cute decorators!
Thankfully, Anastassia & Kristie knew what they were doing...we had some adorable little chocolates! Pretty tasty too! I'm not sure what they would have looked like had I been in charge--patience is something I am working on. Daily.

Bloggy love,

Oh...and my favorite picture of the day!