Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Birthday Girl

Well, we decided last minute to have an impromptu little party for Beks. Actually, Mommy started to feel guilty that Beks would watch Abby's 1st birthday video & give me grief about it. We lived 2 hours from my hometown when we were at Scott AFB, so we had family birthday parties up until now. There was lots of family! So, all along, we were going to have a little family thing here. Mommy changed her mind. Then came cupcakes & quick skype messages...and thankfully, a group of friends came to cheer Bekah on during her cake eating & opening presents! It was a special time & we are sure happy our baby girl is a big 1-year-old. We are loving every minute of it!


Brad used his engineering experience to organize the cupcakes! We didn't bring my cupcake tree...the horror. Oh, & Daddy also remembered the sprinkles!! I am so glad someone in this house can remember something. Janelle helped ice the cupcakes & we were ready to party!

Party hats are FUN. These are from Brad's 27th birthday...um, last year. HAHAHA.

How old is Bekah?
Fire + Baby = Scared Mommy
What is all this stuff?

Bek's little helpers! :)
Gotta love Indy dog. Amanda made Bekah a cute birthday card & I set it on top of the dog kennel. A few minutes later, she calls me into the room. He managed to pull it into the kennel with him & shred it! Nice.
One of the toys I have to pry out of the big sister's hands to give to the little sister 1,005 times a day! It goes along with the sharing talk & being kind and gentle to our little sis! :) Consistancy, right?
The stroller Abby gave Beks. Hmmm...weird because she doesn't like for Bekah to play with it!
Only Brad. I went to start cleaning some stuff up & this is what I find. It was on my list of things to do, but Brad doesn't mess around. He'll do his list & mine. That's what happens when he doesn't have a garage or yard work! It made me smile to walk in & see all the sunlight...it's Abby's blackout curtain I made, but we can finally let the sun in now! Thanks, Daddy!
Birthday footage!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had lots of fun. Love how Bekah picked at her cupcake - another icing lover in the making! Wish I could have been there. Can we have a re-enactment in the summer? Or at least more cupcakes!! Abby's blind looks very nice. Will Bekah get one, too? :)

Auntie Sharm said...

Loved the birthday party and especially the hats! I'm so glad Bekah got her party. Wish I could have been there. Love to you all.