Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Singing Wasn't THAT Bad!

After our exciting Everland trip, we headed over to Osan's fine dining establishment...Chili's! Well, Abby wanted to go there because of the birthday milkshakes! She already knows what she is doing at 4! Beks was DONE, so Mommy & Daddy took turns walking around making her happy. Birthday girl's choice was a fun one though!

What would put this look on Abby's face?

The singing...if they would have been singing for anyone else, she would've been okay. For her birthday--not so much!


Present opening; she likes clothes & shoes. Mommy is a little afraid.
Working on a new puzzle. I like the short supervisor in the middle there.
Close-up of the the baby belly & the dipe!
This was a nice snuggle...that led to a not-so-nice tackle!
The big gift...

Bloggy love,


Grandma Lene said...

Love the pictures & video! Did Abby have time for a style show? Beks will love the tummy pictures when she grows up! Do you & Brad have bikes there, too? What fun that will be. Love you. (And it goes without saying - miss you!)

Scott, Sarah, William, Daniel, and Colin said...

William wanted to know if she wanted to come over & ride with him! Can't wait to see video of her tearing around on it. (And LOVED the unprompted "thank you"!!!)

Anonymous said...

When she says "You got me that one at the BX!" she sound like a mini Grandma B. So precious! ~BFF