Friday, January 8, 2010

because every day is a party

we decided to make some snow ice cream.
Hmmmm...maybe we should have made it a little earlier on.
Brad informed me that it didn't taste very fresh.
As for me,
I did not partake.
I am taking the whole no sugar thing seriously people.
I have mini taste testers.
I am not needed. :)

Yes, that is also chocolate fondue.
We had a little left over from Christmas.
Abby is quite the negotiator. :)
Beks would have been happy with just the strawberries...
then, she caught on to her sister's evil plan.
Sugar Addict #1

Grace...loving the ice cream!
She did love playing in it--
why not eating it too?!
They ate all the strawberries!

Snow ice cream!
I have no idea what it tasted like.
it made me think of Mary Ellen.
And that,
I liked.
It made me warm & fuzzy. I miss her.
Sure wish she could've met my girlies!
clean up crew.
Do I smell chocolate?
And strawberries?
And snow?
One last chocolate shot!

That's all for now!
Will see about getting the Thailand & Christmas pics up this weekend!

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

I can guarantee that Mary Ellen has a big smile on her face - she's been watching! Not to mention some great-grandpas! :) Loved all the pictures. Glad to hear you stayed out of the goodies.

Anonymous said...

And I'm all warm and fuzzy seeing the the chocolate faces. GAShirley