Thursday, January 14, 2010

the new robes

Here I am...
throwing the family a bone!

Abby & Beks are really enjoying their robes from GG Jane.
I am working up to getting some photos up of Thailand,
but I've been baking too much.
Not that I've sampled any of it!
It has been off to work with Daddy each morning.
I get up when his alarm goes off (um, 4am is EARLY) to get the goodies in the oven, and stay up until I get them ready to send off with him.
I go back to bed.
Indy, has been a total freak, so whether or not I go back to SLEEP depends on how many sounds he decides to bark at.

here's what you wanted to see...

Abby likes hers.
She's kind of a flasher though! :)
Beks is all a little something on her tooth too!
Beks even put hers on over her clothes!
And with accessories! :)
Enough, Momma!
And it is even good for riding Lucky!

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

A flasher in her robe? Sounds like Uncle Ben at her age! Now all you have to do do is teach her to sing John Cougar Mellancamp songs into a hair brush and his legacy will truly live on! -BFF

Anonymous said...

They look really cute in their pink robes! Not sure why BFF keeps bringing up young Ben flashing! He looked really cute in his robe, too. We'll make sure GG Jane see the blog!