Wednesday, January 27, 2010

thailand, day 2

Okay, I was obviously tired last night...
too much information.
I guess with my memory, it's good to include all the details.
I did spare you the bathroom trips. Which were fun.

Anyhow, let's get on with Day 2!

Visit Doi Suthep Temple (famous & beautiful mountaintop temple--where Brad & I had to rent pants!)

Brad & Unc

Abby had no one pay any attention to her.
It's a rough life!
Daddy & Abby

Feeding the horse

Lunch at the lake; a fun, "Thia" style outing

Okay, a little old lady comes by with all these crazy looking snacks.
She hands Pistismai some things,
and this is one that she chooses.
Quail eggs. Out of a lady's bag.
guess who loved them?
Abby was addicted. We finally had to make her stop eating them.
She had to have fish sauce with it too!
{good thing I found quail eggs at Home Plus last week...I'm a hero!}
In it goes...probably #7! :)
Isn't this the greatest?
We just love eating outside...
and how fun to be in a little hut right on the lake!
Abby's handiwork

Visit Kim's house

Here are their motorbikes!
You have to have one of these in Thailand.
I have to say,
this is the first place I really ever wanted to ride one.
The most hilarious thing about it,
is that whole families ride on them...together.
It was not uncommon to see the dad, mom & 2 kids pass by you.
Or to see dad taking his 3 kids to soccer practice.
BUT, I have to say the culture there is different.
They look for the motorbikes & there just wasn't as much angry driving.
I liked it.
What would I do without road rage?
Well, I better not find out now...
it's a necessity in Korea! :)
Cute little house...
Looking out the front doors...
The Thai-style air on both ends
Feeding the fish!

Short city tour...which turned into going for ice cream!

Here is one of our concoctions!
It had some interesting add-ons.
The girls were not impressed! :)
Here is Pistismai's...
let's just say it was SWEET.
The girls really enjoyed her treat!!
Sugar rush, baby!

Back to the hotel for a rest...hahahaha. We skipped this part--if they didn't nap in the car, they didn't nap!

Sunday Walking Street Market--I will go on & on about how I loved this place. Just accept it now. The shopping in Thailand was more fun that I can describe. Could have something to do with Pistismai, but we did pretty well on our own too!
{we also *lost* Bunny Bunny here!}

Noticed I don't have a lot of pictures with Beks today. I'll do better tomorrow!

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing. G.A. Shirley (and the big bone throw.ha)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Now I can see why you wish you had gone last year! Are you going to raise quail back in the state?? Looks like the girls were having a great time. Not to hard to see why Abby loves Pistismai! I want to go next time! :)

Ryan, Dawn, Calvin & Alayna said...

so did you find Bunny Bunny? And i am guessing you know your hosts, but how? Explain your Thai connections please! Very exciting trip! Jealous!