Tuesday, January 26, 2010

thailand, day 1

Brad thinks I should do this the easy way.
I am going to listen to him for once.

Here goes...

Day 1 (26 Dec 09)

5:15a.m. Wake up!

6:00a.m. Leave for bus station (it is VERY cold & icky weather)

6:25a.m. Depart bus station for airport

8:45a.m. Arrive at airport

10:30a.m. On our way to Bangkok
Great flight (for us!). We were in a bulkhead seat...didn't really want it this time, but we had it & it is nice for extra leg room and space for Beks to act crazy in. No individual TVs, but we survived! Girls slept a tiny bit, but we never expect them to!

2p.m. (Thailand time--approximately 6 hour flight) Arrived in Bangkok to some serious HEAT!

4:45p.m. Arrived in Chiang Mai
We ran around the airport & couldn't find Kim. I had forgotten to write down his phone number, so we just started praying he would find us! We had come in on the international side (which he didn't realize b/c we had flown in from Bangkok). We are warmly welcomed by Kim & Pistismai with beautiful flowers.

5:30p.m. Check in at hotel...Beks & I rode with Pistismai, and all the others rode in the taxi! We couldn't find the hotel, so that was kind of funny, but we eventually did. Much to Kim's dismay, they had put us in the wrong room (it was on the end right by the noisy street). They put us in there for one night & then moved us the next day while we were out sight seeing!

7p.m. Dinner...I'll let you picture how this went. Girls were WOUND up. Surprise, surprise. The restaurant was awesome & our first Thai meal was superb!

After dinner, we walked by a temple & worked off some of the meal on the way back to the hotel. Then we all got ready for bed & gave it our best shot. The room was loud, but we did okay until Abby woke us up at 4:30a.m.!!!!

With Pistismai at dinner...
Abby told me that she loved her our very first night there! :)
She said she was, "like a beautiful & kind princess!"

Brad & I are seriously considering going into business.
This is one of our favorites...transportable restaurant!

This is the rollaway bed they brought Abby!
She refused to get a different one!

Our room & all the extra beds!

Nighty night, Beks! :)

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

I love Abby's description of Pistismai! How nice. So far the trip looks great - lucky you!! Can't wait to hear about the elephant ride! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! I felt like I went with you. How fun! ~BFF