Thursday, August 21, 2008


Okay, I am now having to walk over things to get to the computer. That is not a good development. I keep telling myself that it will be different once our household goods get here...we'll keep on thinking happy thoughts. There is nowhere to put all these toys. It's so frustrating. That, and the fact that the dog is so HAIRY. I am about ready to let Brad shave him. He talked to someone at work (Brad did, not the dog--I wish the dog had a job) & the guy shaves his golden retriever. I think Indy would look stupid. Right now, he's handsome and HOT. Not that kind of hot...temperature hot. Anyway, thank goodness for the borrowed vacuum--otherwise, we'd be living in the Old West with doggy hairballs rolling around. Now that would be a movie...

I haven't posted in a little while. Brad made some comment about me spending 6 hours a day on the computer. Okay, I will admit, I have some issues. The computer is one of them and coffee is the other...oh, and wine (since my other alcohol intake is monitored--hahaha!)...I also like fried food, but we're cutting down on my vices & that's the first to go. :) I do believe that everyone has their challenges. I'm optimistic that I will be able to channel some of my energy into scrapbooking & sewing once my belongings get here. I also like to keep the blog updated to feel like I'm in contact with family & friends back home. I don't watch much tv, so I only have this one time-sucker. Okay, I got that off my chest...gotta hurry with this

One kid story before I sign off. On Monday, Brad came back from getting the minivan & went to take the dog out & Abby went with him. Well, we had a sewage backup problem over the weekend & it ended up in our lobby...yes, I know it's gross & unsanitary & not a good mental picture. It had been cleaned up. Anyway, they got downstairs & they were getting off the elevator. Abby saw more water & freaked out. Well, she wouldn't get off the elevator & somehow, Daddy wasn't able to help her. SO, the door closed & the screaming/freaking/scarring for life began. Nice. So, who do you suppose is dealing with the aftermath & paranoia associated? The best part is that she knows full well to press '10' or 'E' & she will be okay...that's if she's not having a panic attack. Isn't parenting great? It's like each day you get to find new ways to scar them for life. I sure *heart* parent guilt. The best part is that she freaks out in random places when she starts thinking about it..."Mommy, you'll hold it, right? You won't let the door close, right? I don't want to walk; I want to ride in the stroller. That way, I won't get stuck again." Then I say, "Abby, it wasn't Mommy that let the door close on you, it was Daddy, remember?" HAHAHA. Well, it was...

Until next time...bloggy love,