Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blog Changes...

I know many of you may not believe this...Brad is not really into this blogging thing. :) I asked him for some feedback tonight on what it should look like & he didn't give me much more than a shrug (okay, he WAS watching the Olympic men's soccer game, so it might not have been the best time to broach the subject!). Anyhow, I did get him to look over long enough for him to tell me that he thinks my themes have been very Hawaiian...that I should look for something more Korean themed. Hmmmm...I actually kind of like that idea. That should only take me another 3 night of my life to figure out! Off to search for the perfect blogskin or template or whatever you want to call it!

Bloggy love,


Cindy said...

I actually love the little bird. I think it is beautiful. However since I am addicted to reading blogs more than updating mine, I'll look forward to seeing you new "bloggy do". Is that a word?
I love being so involved in your life.