Monday, August 18, 2008


Well, we had a rainy day here. Brad was off because of a last minute down day, but we didn't see him much -- he went golfing (which he didn't end up doing b/c of the rain) & then he went to get our car. Our MINIVAN is the accurate term...Abby would be so upset to hear me say car. Anyway, it is interesting to have it here. I can't say that I've missed it much. Mainly, I am looking forward to having a vehicle to help carry the groceries home! Not that it isn't interesting to try & either fit it all into the stroller -- with Abby carrying some of it -- or taking a taxi. Yes, I said taxi. If I haven't mentioned it before, we have taxis all over the base here. It's nice if you walk somewhere and it starts to pour down rain and you don't have an umbrella and your kids don't have on the proper attire...not that this has EVER happened to me. It is weird though. You don't have car seats, so that is crazy to me. I'm used to strapping in the kids (rear facing them until all my relatives have made comments) & now Abby can hook her own seat belt and I hold Bekah. For those that know me, this is earth-shattering news. I HOLD my baby. Nice. Luckily, we usually ride for about 3 - 5 blocks...not that I'm saying the drivers aren't a little scary.

Other than the minivan arrival, there isn't much to report on; the weekend wasn't filled with trips or exciting adventures. Brad worked somewhere around 12 hours on Saturday, so we hung out at the house. Bekah was in a foul mood most of the weekend. Not sure what is up with her. I have gone through all the things it might be...but my books are on the way here, and I haven't checked the internet yet. Anyhow, she is cranky. It all started with the babysitter on Friday & carried through. We saw the poor girl tonight & she held Bekah. What did the baby do?? Yep. She cried & cried some more. Oh well, hopefully someday Bekah will cooperate & be snuggly and peaceful. :) Babies in our family tend to be a little MOODY! Sunday, we went to church & Abby had VBS. After that, we hung out and had some much needed family time.

I need to exercise. I'm saying this outloud so that maybe I will take it seriously this week! We walk all over, but I'm thinking I may actually need cardio. It'd be nice if the elliptical machine were here, but we're still waiting. I may have to break down & take the dog in the early morning or late night...we shall see.

I'm really rambling now...gotta go to bed. Not getting much sleep these days...
Bloggy love,