Friday, August 22, 2008

My New Jewelry

Yesterday, let's just say the afternoon was stressful. I was supposed to get my hair cut at 3:30, but the girls were not cooperating. SO, I just worked to keep everyone happy. With Bekah, that was a lost cause. We were supposed to meet friends & go play at the park, but instead, we rocked, walked, bouncied & otherwise entertained Bekah Boo. Poor baby. I tried to call everyone to let them know what was going on, but our skype microphone was acting up & the cell is busted (long story). Enter Daddy. A friend had asked if I wanted to go to a jewelry making class and I said I could if Brad got home in time. Well, he did. Unfortunately for him, Bekah was screaming. He still wanted me to go, so I ran before he changed his mind. Anyhow, this was my creation. The stretchy wire stuff (technical term) was pretty thick, so my original idea didn't work. I love the beads & think it turned out cute. The only problem is that we measured wrong & it doesn't fit over my hand too well. If you have a skinny hand & wrist, leave me a comment, you might find yourself with a brand new bracelet & earrings set. :) It was nice to have a couple of hours to myself & in turn, I made some pretty cute jewelry. Our friend Jen has some really cool stuff here, so I don't kid myself about my talent! LOVE her stuff! I could see how this could become addictive...

Bloggy love,