Thursday, August 14, 2008


Okay, I believe I have discussed my addiction to blogs. So after checking out some of my normal blogs (instead of cleaning my house!), I started clicking on various links on one of my 'regular' reads. Turns out, I found some REALLY good blogs. Not a great use of time, but hey, I don't have all my belongings yet, so I don't have THAT much stuff to clean. Well, I found a site that discusses (quite in depth & using explicit language, so be forewarned) problems nursing -- freakishly similar to those I had with Abby. The gal who writes on it is much wittier than I, so it was very interesting to read. If you combine her experiences with both her children...IT IS ME. I managed to go 6 months & felt horrid guilt when I had to start supplementing with formula. I had no bottles and no formula, so I had to literally leave the lactation gal's house & go to Wal-Mart with my hungry babe. It still makes me quite sad to think about it, but it also makes me grateful that Bekah is a wonderful eater. That prayer was answered & I am truly thankful. So if you care to take a look, it can be found here:

The second blog was absolutely fun & I can't wait to buy something! :) I have no scrapbooking stuff here yet & my sewing machine is on it's way, so I'm just window shopping! Maybe I should go ahead & order, right? Who knows how long it will take to get here! Look at the colors...totally yummy! & her blog at

Doesn't she just inspire you to make something? I can't wait to get my things. I am planning a fabric trip tomorrow, so I'll let you know how that goes! :) Maybe it'll motivate me...I need to get the girls' curtains done. I thought I was so smart (because one of my friends is so smart, thanks KB!) & I put aluminum foil on Bekah's window. Well, Brad came home & informed me that it is a big NO NO! I guess that I NEED fabric now, right! Okay, gonna go clean the dog hairballs up. We have a babysitter coming & I don't want her to think we have 6 dogs! :)

Bloggy love,