Saturday, November 29, 2008

Different Kind of Day...

Whew. I'll tell you something that was blatantly obvious this Thanksgiving, I am normally a spoiled, lazy bum. Sure, I might help my mom do a few things, but I definitely learned (the hard way...I never want to see stuffing & sweet potatoes again!) that I am a pampered princess on Turkey Day. It made me so thankful for all the special people who take such good care of us. Plus, I will be doing more than dishes the next holiday back home!

Thanksgiving is the holiday we typically spend in Illinois with the Waggoner's & Biehler's...I can't remember the last time I missed it. On Thanksgiving Day, we spend a fun day at my Gram Jane's house with my dad's side of the family. We eat lots, work on projects (Brad is usually supervising the building of a gingerbread house...he's not a bit of a micromanager!), take the dog on a long, cold walk, go on a horse drawn carriage ride, eat some more & then have a birthday party for my cousins Julia & Michele. I missed it all very much.

Then, on Black Friday, I go shopping with my mom, Aunt Sharm & my BFF, Sarah. I haven't even talked to my Aunt Sharm or BFF, so it's just weird. Anywho, they didn't leave at 4:30 a.m. this year...where's the dedication? This year, I went to the BX (Base Exchange)--it was my only choice! I really hadn't planned on it, but last minute, I skyped my friend Amanda & she was walking out the door (at 6:35 a.m.--it didn't even open until 7!)! Brad came too (YES, you read that right!); good thing he came, he was needed to carry the tv we bought! :) The best deal was my new usually sells for $99 & I got it for $29--WOOHOO! We were bummed that we forgot the camera--how can we blog without pictures?

Back in the states, Saturday is the day we head out to Grandma B's to do our lunch & BINGO! I hate missing BINGO. We do serious gifts & gag gifts--it's a hoot & we've been doing it FOREVER. FOREVER=when my cousin Amy & I talked my grandma into making everyone play it. Oh how far we've is organized now (& very serious some years!); they will carry on without us. Had I remembered, I would have sent some gifts to have my mom play an extra card & win me some gifts--can you imagine the gag gifts I could've sent from here?? I'm sure I would get the gifts that suck...yes, I have not forgotten the year I got a NOTEPAD. C'mon people. It was in the good gift pile. Anyhow, I'm not bitter. AT ALL. :)

So, we are making the best out of the holiday weekend. We have put away the Fall decorations & have all the Christmas goodies piled up in the living room. The big news for the year...fake tree. We are not proud of it, but we have crossed over. One of our favorite things is going to get the tree & the smell, oh the smell. The Boy Scouts are selling them, but we don't have a tree stand. It'll be our Korea thing. We have already explained to Abby that we will have a real tree immediately upon arrival back to the states. Good thing my mom puts up about 10 fake ones (um, I'm not exaggerating), so Abby doesn't seem to notice!

And for a finale, because what is a blog post without a picture? The #1 reason that Daddy doesn't run the blog...

This is what makes him pick the camera up...nice. Poor Bekah. Her daddy takes the picture & then her mommy puts it on the blog. I may let Daddy do a post about me playing Wii Boxing, just to make up for it, or maybe not... :)

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

I still haven't gotten over your black friday absence. Devastating. Just devastating. Maybe I'll get over it before 2010 when we reunite at 4 am....i just don't know. SIGH. ~your sad little depressed friend